Welcome to Orlando’s Ornamentals

Orlando’s Ornamentals was founded in 1988 with the idea of creating amazing landscapes for our clients. With over 25 years experience in the landscape and nursery services, we know exactly what it takes to design and develop the perfect harmonious landscape. From our nursery services, where we nurture each items with care so that it’s at its healthiest to our years of successful transplanting large trees, we know what it takes to make a  project perfect. View our galleries for a small sampling of our most recent work.

About the Founder

Orlando Cardenas has spent the majority of his career in the landscape and nursery services. He specializes in the Northeast and has experience working with ornamentals for over 25 years. With the support and 20+ years of experience of his wife, Lisa Cardenas, they have built a family-owned and operated business with dedicated and loyal employees who have the same great passion for the ornamental and landscape business.
Landscaping in Mystic, CT by Orlando's Ornamentals

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